Mission AVE will be there during every phase of your AV integration project. We provide an array of services to effectively address all of your AV requirements.

Needs Assessment & Consulting:

Before we begin to design your new AV system, Mission AVE will conduct an in-depth review of your existing AV technology. We will discuss your desired AV objectives in detail to understand how, when and where your AV system will be used. Then we will design the best, most effective customized solution for your specific needs.

Our project management team will assess your desired results, discuss your planned applications, and review your current technology and budget to come up with a system that fits perfectly into your environment. And we will partner with you on every phase to ensure your AV integration meets with success.

Engineering & Design Services:

Professional engineering and design services provide a well defined roadmap for your project and help eliminate the guesswork. Our highly skilled Computer Aided Design (CAD) pros have created AV systems for hundreds of clients.

Mission AVE’s CAD designers will determine your best options, develop detailed components lists, and propose various layouts for your AV system. After the project is defined, we will provide all the necessary technical drawings to successfully integrate your new AV solution.

System Integration:

Technology is evolving almost daily. Mission AVE participates in on-going manufacturer training to keep current on the latest technology, best practices and safety standards. We are attentive to every detail, and we thoroughly test each component to ensure optimum functionality.

Our goal is to provide you with the most appropriate, easy-to-operate AV system designed specifically for your applications. From the assessment phase of your project to system commissioning, we stay mindful of your objectives, budget and timeline. And we regularly interface with general contractors, other trade companies, architects and IT staff to keep your project running smoothly and on target.

Project Management:

Clear, consistent two-way communication and true collaboration are vital components of any successful AV integration regardless of its size. Mission AVE will assign a dedicated project manager to guide your integration from start to finish.

Each project manager has more than a decade of hands-on project management experience. Your project manager is focused on keeping your AV project moving forward smoothly, and to ensure you understand each development as it occurs. Our project managers are committed to achieving each milestone effectively, on time and within budget.


Mission AVE’s technicians hold manufacturer certifications from the most recognized names in AV technology like AMX, Biamp, Crestron and Extron. Our continued industry training keeps us ahead of the curve on the newest programming advancements. We specialize in designing network interfacing systems and touch panel controls.

Our highly skilled programmers will develop a customized, simple-to-operate programming solution for your new or existing AV system. Once it’s up and running, we will provide structured and straightforward training so you can maximize your system’s capabilities.

Customer Training:

We want you and your staff to easily understand and enjoy operating your AV system. Mission AVE provides hands-on staff and individual training on your new or existing AV technology so that you get the maximum benefits out of your investment.

As your integration nears completion, your project manager will work with you to develop a training schedule that addresses your specific needs and objectives. We will provide detailed technical training to your system technicians as well as ensuring system users are comfortable operating the system for their specific purposes.

Service & Maintenance:

Regular service and preventative maintenance keeps your equipment running smoothly, extends its longevity and maximizes your investment. Mission AVE will develop a customized service and maintenance schedule—around-the-clock coverage, emergency response service or regularly scheduled visits—regardless of who installed your system.

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